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Your teams are challenged to plan, rehearse and film a 1-minute commercial or 'fly on the wall' documentary about your organisation, product or department. Working in teams with video camera, props and a free reign, you are challenged to produce a hard hitting, attention grabbing and entertaining film.

With independent productions you can include specific criteria that must feature in each scene – a reference to your company’s latest product, your new company strap line or the reasons why you’re better than your competitors.

The climax of the event occurs when you attend your very own Cannes Film Festival. The hilarity and excitement is high as all of the final creations are shown for the first time on the silver screen! The festival is followed by a mini awards ceremony with accolades available for categories such as 'Best Actor', 'Best Screen Kiss', and 'Best Actor in a Cross Gender Role'.

Independent productions can be run anywhere in England and Orange Tree will endeavour to select the most suitable venue for your event. Catering and transport can be provided where required.

Independent productions  - company staff team building day -  we will manage your event


  • Group size: 3 - 300 people
  • Indoors and outdoors
  • From 2 hrs to full day

Key Teamwork Skills

  • Allocation of roles
  • Creativity
  • Role sharing
  • Communication
  • Planning a strategy
  • Sharing a vision
  • Trust and respect
  • Decision making
  • Time management

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Independent productions  - company staff team building day -  we will manage your event

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