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Key information

• Your teams come together to create a giant work of art from a series of blank canvasses
• Everyone gets involved because there’s much more to it than just painting
• You only need one main room for your activity (or outdoors in the summer)
• A minimum number of 12 participants is recommended (there’s no upper limit)
• Your activity can last from 1 – 2 hours
• The dramatic unveiling of your Team Work of Art at the end gives you something real to keep that your whole team is really proud of

What actually happens

Your activity could be in the morning, afternoon or evening when your teams are gathered together. If your team has a business meeting then they’ll come back in to a room that has been transformed. Music will set the tone of your event, with an upbeat and charismatic presenter and coloured t-shirts for everyone that create a wash of colour. Your presenter gives clear instructions to your teams. These verbal instructions are supported visually by bulleted points projected on to a screen because it’s essential that everyone sees what they have to do. Each team picks part of a bigger picture that the whole group is going to paint together. This picture is deliberately chosen before the event with you, the organiser. In this way it can reflect the values that you want associated with the exercise. Normally this includes your company name or another appropriate business reference. Before anyone starts to paint anything it’s important for teams to realise that their canvas fits next to a number of other canvasses belonging to other teams. The buzz of collecting paint, colour co-ordinating, sketching and matching up canvasses continues throughout the activity as teams communicate together.

The climax comes at the end of the event when the whole picture is revealed to your whole team. Nobody will have seen the end result before because during the activity teams are not allowed to put all of the canvasses together at one time.

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