Art Challenge

Bring out the artistic flare in all your team with this very creative challenge ....

Then start planning how you're going to redecorate the office




In this art based challenge everyone is taught four simple techniques so that you can then go away and create your own landscape water colour painting, whilst bringing new insights for those facing the ''I can't do it'' syndrome.

When facing a challenge, our preconceived ideas greatly affect how successful we are.This session has been designed to tackle self-limiting beliefs by enabling delegates to create their own watercolour painting.



Module 1.

The group are coached to paint individual pictures. At the start participants mark themselves on how well they think they will do. On completion they mark their finished work, on average doubling their predicted score.

Module 2.

Working in groups of four to a table a series of exercises give an opportunity for participants to work together to create a composite painting either to a fixed or freelance format. This involves the teams making decisions about who does what and of course encouraging and coaching those less skilled so that they can achieve their full potential.

Module 3.

Participants use the learnt techniques to create a watercolour painting that represents their future aspirations/dreams/goals Delegates are then encouraged to share and expand upon their vision with the whole group.


What's Included:

Expert staff : All materials, equipment, advice and encouragement

Plus you get to create some stunning artwork to hang on the office wall


We can run this event at any suitable indoor venue

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