Baking Challenge

Here are your ingredients and tools ...  Create 3 baking masterpieces !




The Great British Bake Off has encouraged many to reach for their wooden spoons and mixing bowls and now it's your turn! We bring you and your colleagues the ultimate British baking workshop.


You and your team will work with a professional pastry chef to make a variety of traditional and contemporary afternoon tea and bakery items, we will bring along cookery books and even some recipes used at some exclusive hotels.


We can make your event as fun or as team building focused as you wish and can guarantee that this fantastic activity will appeal to everyone's taste buds


After selecting their ''Chef de Cuisine'' (team leader), who will hopefully lead them to baking victory, teams will be tasked with creating three, mind blowing 'bakes' including a signature bake, a technical bake, and of course, a showstopper.


Depending upon how well the teams progress, we may even stretch their culinary skills even further with a bonus 'mystery bake'.


Exactly what is created for each bake will vary from event to event and can sometimes be tailored to incorporate specific requests. 

At the end of the allotted time our expert pastry chef will judge each category, awarding points for creativity, skill and taste before declaring which team will be named 'Star Bakers'! Will your team receive a coveted 'Hollywood handshake' or will the dreaded 'soggy bottom' scupper your chances?


What's Included:

Expert staff : All materials and equipment

Risk Assessments : £5m Public Liability


We can run this event at our lake in Wraysbury and a number of alternative venues.


In addition, we are able to run Baking Challenge events at any suitable venue, should you have access to and wish to use one that is more suitable to your location and needs 

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