cardboard boat 4
cardboard boat 4




Cardboard Boat Challenge

Given just basic materials, design, build and race your cardboard boat.

Your team and especially the team leader will have their hands full organising techniques, teamwork tactics and plans for survival during this fun event.


  • Wraysbury Lake

Group Size

6 - 120

Team Size

1 - 4

  • Safety brief

  • Full safety kit

  • Trained staff

  • Safety boat

  • First aider



Up to 2 Hours

  • Challenging

  • Planning skills

  • Competitive

  • Trust building

  • Fun



The earliest ''documented'' cardboard boat regatta was the result of a design problem created by Richard Archer at Southern Illinois University in 1974.

And although since then is has been a regular competitive event for schools, colleges and even universities, it is only in recent years that it has come into its own as one of the more intriguing and challenging events in the realms of corporate team building events.



After and quick overview of the event and following some guidance on building cardboard boats, teams will have a specified timescale within which, using only the limited resources of cardboard, duck tape and some decorative add-ons that are available, they will have to put all their combined skills, ideas, planning and team work to the test, in order to design and construct their seaworthy ''boat'' before the time runs out.

Prior to the start of the race, teams will need to work out their tactics for the race and team captains will receive a waterside briefing on the race format, the course and any specific details that are unique to your event. It will then be their responsibility to accurately pass on this information to their teams, and to co-ordinate the transportation and launch of their ''boats'' from the build location to the waters edge.

Once all the boats are in the water and have been tested for ''float-ability'', paddlers will be given a final safety briefing.

cardboard boat 2.jpg


A short round the cans course will be set up for a relay race.  And the first paddlers will be able to take to the water once their teams have completed the a quick ''paddle quiz'' to win their teams paddles.

Depending on how long the craft remains seaworthy and floating, subsequent team members will attempt the course.

Team members unable to board the craft and take part in the race can voice their encouragement, keep their team members motivated and take photos from the shore or start and finish points. Where possible, some individuals may be able to join the safety boat to take some close up ''action shots'' of the race.

cardboard boat 1.jpg


After the race, whilst everyone is getting changed into something dry (due to excessive paddling getting them wet and not the craft sinking of course) the race position scores will be added to those already given for boat design, boat build, team work, boat name, how much of the boat survived (everything's competitive), with the final scores and team positions then being announced, with prizes and braggers rights going to the winning team. 


Prizes may also available for the best cardboard boat, paddlers with the most perseverance or captains who chose to do what all good captain do, when things don't go to plan.



The safety of participants is paramount to us and we provide:

Safety briefs : Safety boat : Buoyancy Aids : Trained Staff

Options for non swimmers : First aiders & equipment : Risk Assessments : £5m Public Liability


We can run this event at our lake in Wraysbury and a number of alternative venues that include:

River Thames (Multiple locations) : Crowne Plaza (Marlow) : Monkey Island (Maidenhead)


In addition, we are able to do Cardboard Boat Challenge events at any suitable venue, should you have access to one that is more suited to your location and needs