Circus Skills

A fun filled indoor event that provides a strong team building theme, with elements of learning skills, communication, leadership, buddying and most importantly loads of FUN !




Learn some new, entertaining skills before taking centre stage to show off how well you're team has mastered them all



Delegates shouldn't have a prior knowledge of the challenges they face - surprise is a key element.


The first ten minutes are spent setting the parameters for successful team working. This is humorous and designed to put delegates at their ease. 

Quite naturally delegates will be scared of failure and of looking silly when facing these particular challenges so they will need to create a supportive learning environment in which they are prepared to: -


  • share the skills they learn 

  • ask each other for help 

  • acknowledge each other's achievements


The delegates are then split into three and are asked to assemble at the three skill stations: 

  1. Juggling

  2. Plate Spinning 

  3. Flower Stick and Diablo. 


Each group in turn are then coached in their respective skills with the other groups looking on. They observe how some will learn to juggle in less than a minute, just how addictive spinning a plate on a stick can be and how it is possible to look incredibly bold when using the flower stick despite having no skill at all.


After a suitable period of practice each group rotates onto the next skill station until everyone has experienced each skill.


Then each group are asked to take centre stage and demonstrate their new found skills to the two other groups.


The event culminates in the seemingly dangerous and impossible task of throwing and catching 18" scimitars to each other.


This is a controlled and safe environment and makes for a rousing finale.


What's Included:

Expert staff : All materials and equipment

Risk Assessments : £5m Public Liability


We can run this event at our lake in Wraysbury and a number of alternative venues.


In addition, we are able to run Circus Skills events at any suitable venue, should you have access to and wish to use one that is more suitable to your location and needs 

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