Comic Strip Capers


Comic strip capers is an enjoyable, thought provoking and laughter inducing team activity based around the production of simple comic strips. 

The tasks and deadlines for completion of the challenge are fun based, but they still call upon the use of a number of core skills including: Planning : Leadership : Communications : Exploration of personal talent.

The online option also offers a number of additional benefits for staff working from home during these unprecedented times, such as


Boosting morale

Combating loneliness

Improving mental health

Retention of office banter and interaction

What’s Involved:

In additional to teams searching for and digging deep for their comedic, artistic and creative skills, they will need to work together to create either a stand alone 4 - 6 frame comic strip, or a full A4 sized comic strip that will be linked with those from all the other teams, to create a full comic strip story.


The basic format runs along the following lines:

Team allocation

Online briefing of what the comic strip ‘’must or may’’ need to include

Teams brainstorm their ideas

Creation and submission of comic strips

Judging (by teams)


Sounds simple right??  Well actually, it is …. But comic strips can easily go wrong !!! 



What’s Good about comic strip capers:


Be it online, or at a venue (once things return to normal) the informal nature and style of the comic strip caper challenges will spark lots of lively, fun and possibly loud discussions, all of which should encourage everyone within the teams to explore their thoughts, ideas, talents and strengths and then be able to communicate them effectively to their team, so that everything can easily be transferred into wonderful and witty cartoon strips.

The options:

We are currently offering 3 different online versions of comic strip capers



3-4 hours (single half day event)

Teams create basic 4 - 6 frame stand alone comic strips 


Step up and Beep! Beep!!

4-6 hours (completed in a single day or spread over an agreed period)

Teams create A4 comic strips based on a specific theme or character


Doodle Doddle with a Twist

Completed across a single day or spread over an agreed number of days.

Teams create A4 comic strips based on anything they want, but then they all have to be ‘’Linked’’ to create a full comic strip story











Optional Extras:


The following are some of the additional fun tasks, assessment options and rewarding fun activities that can be added to the basic comic strip challenges, to make the events more challenging or more specific to your company and what you would like your teams to get out of the experience.


Find your team challenge

Team name competition

Comic strip plan presentation

Sequencing of comic strip stories

Team self assessments

Linking frame creation

Online Awards Ceremony


Should you have anything else that you would like to incorporated into your chosen event, please let us know

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