Crime Scene Investigation

Test yourself, push boundaries and open your eyes to the challenges faced by Detectives and

Crime Scene Investigators.




The event is led by senior Ex-Scotland Yard Detectives, is the most immersive and thrilling experience there is.


Be entertained and captivated through a series of forensic challenges, giving you the opportunity to solve cases through the actual methods employed by real Crime Scene Investigators. 

Can your team be the first to solve this one?


Investigators are initially detailed with a brief regarding a heinous crime that has taken place. The remainder of the experience, designed to the specifications of the client, will take guests through a stimulating process investigating the motive, method and means for the murder. To make the experience that even more realistic, guests are provided with equipment such as body suits, masks and gloves. The process involves:

· The Taking and removing fingerprints from a variety of surfaces


· Forensic dentistry

· Hair & fibre analysis

· Constructing photo fits (using FBI Software)

· Blood spatter pattern analysis

· Ballistic examination (Bullets) 

Are you ready to find out what the motive is? 

How the murder took place? 

What evidence is available to connect suspect(s) to the crime scene? 


The points for each team are accumulated and then added to those already given for the CSI quiz, with the final scores on the doors and overall positions being announced and prizes, along with braggers rights, given to the winning team. 



We can run this event at our lake in Wraysbury and a number of alternative venues.


In addition, we are able to run Crime Scene Investigation events at any suitable venue, should you have access to and wish to use one that is more suitable to your location and needs 

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