Hells Bells

Fabulous team building game where you build a set of machines, alongside a story and whilst completing multiple challenges.




A high class indoor activity with a toy box feel that offers intrigue, ingenuity and invention, whilst pushing the boundaries of balance, logic, gravity, kinetic energy and the uses of plywood.


The First Challenge you encounter is in the form of 12 booklets containing all manner of pictorial, verbal, logical and musical information.These enable you to piece together a story line set in medieval times.


The Second Challenge is the assembly of 12 beautifully coloured sculptures with one forming a "working machine" in its own right.

The Finale to the event comes when you set the sculptures into a completed giant 3D-floor puzzle.

Assuming the teams have followed the trail of clues correctly and constructed the sculptures in the correct manner, setting the jousting knight in motion triggers a chain reaction. The sculptures automatically and sequentially enact the deduced story line in an ingeniously theatrical manner. 

The ending is spectacular and immensely satisfying for the participants, resulting in a genuine (and well-earned) sense of achievement!


What's Needed:

Hells Bells requires group cooperation for completion to be successfully achieved.

Teams attempting to work in isolation will soon discover that the whole is truly greater than the sum of the parts!


This activity can be set up and run at any suitable indoor space.

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