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Terrarium Workshop

Bring a little of the outdoors in by creating your own stunning indoor garden in a jar

  • Wraysbury Lake

  • Multiple locations UK Wide

  • Your Venue


(Subject to Venues space)



1 - 2 Hours

  • Creative

  • Take Home

  • Therapeutic

  • Nature Indoors

  • Bonding



People have been keeping plants under glass jars since as early as 500 BC for exhibit. However the Terrarium in its 'modern' form was invented completely by accident in 1827 by a London based Doctor, Nathaniel Ward.

Join us to learn how to make your very own Terrarium.

Create a unique, personalised and beautiful, self watering garden in a jar that will bring a touch of nature into your home or office.



The workshops last between 1 -2 hours (we can tailor to shorter or longer time slots on request). It will include a brief history of terrariums and some of the notable events following their invention, plus the science behind terrariums. A demonstration split in to two parts and then a care talk at the end. We will be able to take questions throughout the workshop.

We will be using our large 'Corked Jar' vessels, as in the below picture. These gorgeous hand-blown jars are made from recycled glass, with dimensions of 27cm x 17cm.

Each participant will have:

  • A sealable glass vessel

  • Pebbles, soil, moss, carbon and a selection of unusual plants


We will show you how to create a unique, beautiful self-watering garden-in-a-jar to bring a touch of nature inside of your home or office.


Everyone will leave with their own terrarium as well as all the information they need to make lots more for their friends and family.


A great opportunity for a fun social event that doesn't have to include alcohol.


These can be just for fun but we can also can add a 'bake-off' style group competition element to encourage some additional team building and bonding - however you prefer!

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What's Included:

Expert staff : All materials and equipment

Risk Assessments : £5m Public Liability


This event can be transported to your offices or any suitable location countrywide.

Download Terrarium Workshop Details