Online Terrarium Workshops

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A great activity to improve staff moral and keep your team connected and motivated.

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With more people working from home than ever before, we have started offering our workshops via DIY terrarium kits with video instruction. This acts as the perfect activity to break up the monotony of working from home and being stuck indoors. 


The process of creating something planty has been proven to really help to reduce stress, re-connect with nature and act as a type of meditation. 


Doing this as a group through our live Zoom webinars is a great way for you team to re-connect in a casual way while focusing on making their own terrariums.

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Workshop structure 


The live workshop lasts 1 hour (we can tailor to shorter or longer time slots on request). It will include a brief history of terrariums and some of the notable events following their invention, plus the science behind terrariums. A demonstration split in to two parts and then a care talk at the end. We will be able to take questions throughout the workshop.


We will be using our large 'Corked Jar' vessels, as in the below picture. These gorgeous hand-blown jars are made from recycled glass, with dimensions of 27cm x 17cm.

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The kit includes everything you need to create your own self-watering garden in a glass jar at home. Including an easy to follow step-by-step guide with pictures and a link to a 10 minute instructional video in case a guest can't make the live webinar slot.

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Once an order is made, we require a lead-time of 7-10 days. We deliver via UPS next-day courier. We will make sure that all guests receive their kits by the day before the live webinar on a date of your choice. The below price includes delivery. · 


Price - £60pp (plus VAT). 



30 - 50 guests = 10%, 

50 - 100 guests = 15%, 

100+ guests = 20%



A little bit of history

People have been keeping plants under glass jars since as early as 500 BC for exhibit. However the Terrarium in its 'modern' form was invented completely by accident in 1827 by a London based Doctor, Nathaniel Ward.


What people say 

‘Thanks again so much for your help today.

Everyone LOVED it.’

‘Just a short email from our team to say a big THANK YOU for last week'

''Everyone got really excited with the Terrariums – they all looked GREAT!''

''Thank you again for all your help (and my beautiful little terrarium!)''.